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Pages: NBA Commissioner Cancels Homophobe Hardaway [1]
Author Topic: NBA Commissioner Cancels Homophobe Hardaway

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2011-01-08 16-25-58

NBA Commissioner Cancels Homophobe Hardaway from Las Vegas All Stars Show. Using the word HATE so many times is repulsive. Is this kind of talk allowed in your workplace?
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2011-01-12 23-02-55

i think this is fab i was worried the NBA was going to just accept his words with some comment like "everyone's entitled to their own opinion"
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  • Marriet

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    2011-01-29 8-13-08-

    As much as I am repulsed by Hardaway's homophobia, I'd like to live in a country where people can be bigoted, stupid, whatever, and not have to worry about being fired, forced to apologize, death threats (a la Dixie Chicks), boycotted, and banned from public airwaves (a la Dixie Chicks). BTW, reference to Dixie Chicks only as an example of forms of censorship, and not at all saying DC's are "stupid, whatever." Free speech means nothing if we're afraid to express our true feelings, no matter how repulsive they may be.
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    2011-03-02 10-47-25

    hate speech is not covered under free speech organizations, such as the NBA, and workplaces have every right to not allow hate speech in their workplace or organization and to subject those who do not comply to discipline. hardaway created a hostile work environment by what he said. he also is required by his job to hold to certain public standards since he is seen as a representative of the organization. the NBA and his team can discipline him for not living up to those standards. the dixie chicks by the way did not say anything that fell under hate speech.
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    2011-03-24 11-01-24

    You misunderstand. I'm not making a grandiose argument for free speech. I understand that where hatred and bigotry is uttered, people have the same right as the speaker to express their discontent. I'm envisioning a country that does not fire people, have mass protests, censorship in the form of let's say a bonfire to burn all of their items. Because you know, boycotts won't change Hardaway's feelings about gays. Each of us has a right to boycott. My way is to ignore the person; have them be dead to me. I can't control the way people think and behave, I can only control how I react to it.
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    2011-08-23 19-24-10

    censorship does not apply in this case you're mixing up different issues. no one is burning his property either and if they did that would be illegal so you do live a country like you want already. no one censored what he said - it's all over the place for anyone to hear and read. it doesn't make sense for you to be for free speech and against protests or boycotts though. that is free speech itself. you don't have to participate for saying you don't want to allow others to do so is anti-free speech. as far as firing someone who employs hate speech, which he hasn't been fired by the way, it is the right of an employer and the responsibility to create a safe environment for their employees and if someone creates a hostile work environment through hate speech i am perfectly comfortable with the employer being allowed to protect it's employees by firing that individual. public figures who are employed likewise can be held accountable by their employers for their public behavior and speech. this was not a private comment by him but a public one and one directly related to his job. he is seen as a representative of the nba and his team and also as a role model and the nba and his team have the right and responsibility to discipline him for hate speech.
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    2012-01-19 17-33-09

    and no one is saying that Hardaway's properties are being burned. Do you understand what examples and analogies are? There is a difference between a concerted effort to shut the person up and a private protest. A concerted effort to shut someone up is to the networks and radio station and demand that a person never be heard from again; a demand that the person be fired. A private protest is an individual who chooses to refrain from ever contributing to that personhood. There's no fanfare. If you check out the documentary "shut up & sing," you'd understand my point. DC didn't care that people stopped buying their CDS. That is an exercise of free speech. What crossed the line was a concerted effort by a group to censor their music on public radio. Here, Hardaway, just a day afte uttering his bigotry, was dropped from the All Star Lineup. That is the equivalent (in his career) of being fired.
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  • bourg

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    2012-11-14 14-18-07

    that is not the equivalent of being fired you really don't understand any of this. if you were even attempting to be rational, i would continue this conversation all night, but now you're just trying to hear yourself talk. so i'll let you talk to yourself from now on. buh bye.
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    Sr. Member
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    2012-11-17 4-23-41-

    but hardaway was being hateful. the dixie chicks were stating their political beliefs, and did so in a rather benign fashion. they were not using words like 'hate' over and over again. when people are out there spouting hurtful and potentially dangerous ideas, images, thoughts, sometimes a concerted effort by the people is the only thing that puts an end to it. do you think it was wrong that people protested, wrote letters, and were angry when some of the first hate websites went up? (remember way back when the internet was all newfangled?)in particular that hit home for me was a website that listed OB/GYN's across the country that performed abortions. Not just their names and their business addresses, but their home addresses, the names of their spouses and ren and the name and addresses of their schools. elementary schools, pre-schools. there were images of guns and dripping blood. due to the power of protest, that website was removed. do you think that concerted effort to shut someone up was wrong? what is and isnt worthy of protest is not solely up to you. its up to all of us.
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  • uplinger

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    2013-04-12 5-31-22-

    Do you understand what being a professional athlete means? Are you able to say that you hate whatever group at your job, even when members of that group may be your customers? Las Vegas is the numberLGBT travel destination in the country. This damage control isn't censorship , it's a business decision. People are sick of the NBA thug image and the franchise is in trouble. I don't know about the NBA but in many jobs there's specific language in contracts/agreements about how you must conduct yourself in the media, on and off the clock.
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    2014-02-27 3-02-23-

    you misunderstand. wait, more like, you don't understand a thing.
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  • bedsaul

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    2015-07-07 17-18-46

    And just to add, when I read about Hardaway's comments, the first thing I thought was, "Idiot." If his name comes up again, I'll ignore it. My way of expressing dislike of someone is to just write them off; pretend they don't even exist. For example, I wrote Reba McEntire off when she went after the Dixie Chicks; I wrote Patricia Heaton off when I discovered she was a rabid conservative. I never watched another episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond." That's just my way of expressing dislike.
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  • mchaffie

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    2015-08-16 2-44-39-

    while i understand ultimately what you are saying about free speech i must disagree with you a bit. ifchooses to be in the public eye, be it musician, artist, actor, major sports player, part of choosing a profession where you make millions of dollars for doing something not altogether that extraordinary, is being subjected to public scrutiny. Not to mention the moral and ethical burden of trying to 'be a good example.' And yeah, clearly not every celebrity takes that part seriously, in fact, very few of them do at all. But, if you are going to go on television or the radio and preach hate, you better be prepared for there to be public outcry about it. if some white sports dude had said the same thing about how he would hate to have a black man on his team, in the locker room, etc i am not sure there would be any free speech arguments flying about. as fucked up as our country is at times, i do believe that there are certain things that the vast majority can agree upon. and it may not be homophobia just quite yet, but i believe that if this had been racially based the majority of america would be pretty disgusted (ala kramer's outburst.) i dunno if i am even making sense. studying makes holes in other parts of my brain...
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    2015-09-02 19-31-44

    I disagree. Celebrities may have chosen a public career, but that does exempt them from the right to express their thoughts without repercussions. Now, that is easier said than d As I've stated, I have boycotted the likes of Reba McEntire and Patricia Heaton because I strongly disagree with their actions. However, I would never ever their networks and demand that they be taken off air. I would never hold a public burning of McEntire's CD. I would never try to ban them from public airwaves. I have my own way of expressing my discontent, but it never involves a concerted effort to shut the person up.
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    2015-12-29 18-46-09

    but but but.... the protesting and the burning of cd's and all that jazz is somebody else's RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. expressing ones thoughts is never without repercussions. and just because you are protected and are 'allowed' to say what you will, it doesnt mean that your employer or your patrons or your fans dont get to have their say too. ok, let make up a little scenario. lets say you own a business. heck, lets make it a vet clinic, because i like those. and lets sayof your employees is up front talking to a client and uses some inapropriate language. Sure its that employee's right to express themselves how they would like, but its your business. And now your client is angry and offended, and tells all her friends to avoid your clinic because of how offended she was by your employees' misconduct. Would it be within your rights to fire said employee? Lets say they violated their terms of employment. Dont you think the NBA is doing just that? By not doing anything, they would be condoning his bad behavior. i could stand on the street corner and shout about how i much i love drowning kittens, because its my right, but i shouldnt expect PETA to leave me alone about it.
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