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Pages: another parasite? need advice [1]
Author Topic: Another parasite? need advice

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2011-01-03 7-04-21-

another parasite? need advice I have had some strings of people who have gotten in my life to ruin it or cal it near deaths of sociopaths. one abuser , next cocain addict mad person who ran me down to nearly kill me. I was not a person to just stay same and not know what was going on but got cought in it. i was also on other hand lucky with men to. and desite the diversions hada rigth line to right stuff. however i felt that before i could get to where i was going in life one of these sick fuckers was going to get to kill me. before i escaped the near death of one, the next was in my face.. although i got stronger , and smarter , from abuse i still got cought in it. Escaping barely before this person took my mind and soul out. also at same time they were afraid of being punished if i showed to much fight an smarts l makin gme feel even more scared.. as i goes i was on line. I had promised myself to keep men out of my life after the last mad people to heal.. i was on line and this person pops up. first world out of mouth is an assault on my profile . of insane nature and dyslexic. and also someone stating he has low self esteem issues. enter demon number four.. i was very up on this person from start but again got dragged into it. his act was he would look for persons to treat him kind then abuse and damage them to feel cool. i was not that stupid.. he would use charm and then turn a evil head. it did not work to well as at that time although i was still healing from prior devils. i was up on muy shit.. but did fall into letting this person to close to me wehre he was intent now to cause a threat with his own mental illness. i feared it beause he was also using his psychic ties to my mind.. the next person i met was about a year ago. also not looking. but this person came up to me moving like a coyotee stalking pray in Jamaica.. and used a line on me.. honing into fact i liked music and vynle. i am a expert in seduction but not the first time tha tin a state of shock my gaurd would go down and i would fall into a trap. i was at the cusp of getting ready to look for what i wanted and could chose.. and did not care that i had no one in my life for reason i wanted to be alive.. so this person was on me for last hours i was on my trip... and i there after i would him. into it.
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2011-01-04 5-48-52-

Aaaaaaa, my eyes............
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2011-01-04 16-36-19

continues when i got home my life was hit by some crisis and i was holding on to my world. but fell into a pattern to someone i was not sure of would be sent on me as another diversion and trap. also for fact that being that i was of my colour i was a source of income and other.. to use. i prided myslef for being in control the other matter was that at onset the person was using his mind onme. using words to try to show he was trying also to get at my mind or leap over me.. this is a bad sign. pluss he talked like a abisive person i married.. in a way.. also using those kind of games.. so i him but i was not on a fish hook hooked and to make friends. it became all about send me money. i need money and can u send me money computer and alot of jargon. some of it might have been because i was very up front that i was afacing critical issues , and spoke about it. at same time talking to a person who i felt to was trying to get into my mind telepathicly by repeating words and things i had been doing he had no idea of. to act like he was smarter than i knew. i already knew what iw as dealing with but played it down to not act smart. i acted naturaly..a in any case.. after a few conversations i felt he was like trying ot get me off.. and i am not stupid but slow to react.. on last one he was mubling about how i did not send him money and theh cut meoff. like that.. do u think this was all about the money.. in end despite i had gaurd up this realy fuckt with me. i was not a person to let a person fuck me up but strange things happened and my mind was infiltrated and things went bad.. also for fact now i had cannabalistic jamaican crusing my mind and taking out what he could while i was in a altered state that made me even more freaked out. i could feel alot of some kind of mad activity going on and not sure where it was coming from.. now im walking around lost.. i felt that there was a set up going on also. Deeply that i was supposed to fall for this person or get into ing and then, it would lead to a intentional person looking to hurt. i am very smart about people but again , i get dragged into this kind of shit all time.. was it me.. or was this a money thing and not matter all along.
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    2011-01-04 20-45-41

    i think its all about i dont want this person to disadvantaged and get to mess with me , from 2000 miles away and read my mind . i can feel him feeling me out and agressive. i feel violated and am usualy better at busting ashot in someones face for that but not right now.. what can i do to keep someone out of my mental spac who is trying to harm me for what transpired and is immature maybe at same time this person is looking for anyone he can lift off me or thing he can to gain off my life.. i want to seal the hole he created fo r that purpose no man is that importan to me..
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